Option 3 Preferred Choice for new Playground Equipment

With the consultation period ending on March 5th, results are now in for residents who voted on their preferred option for new playground equipment in Rectory Farm Playing Fields.

Over 70 people gave their feedback, most of whom were local residents. The outcome was close but Option 3 (Swirl & buddy board), was the winner with the most votes by a small margin.

Option 3 is the preferred option chosen by residents

The consultation also revealed that most people use the playground at least once a week. Other comments shown below, have also been taken on board. These included:

“It is a bit old and scruffy looking. Could do with freshening up a little.”

“Is it possible to give it all a paint?” 

“The large play equipment outside of the play area is poorly maintained and always broken, could the Council look at that also? “

“To be kept tidier, more bins and emptied more often. More benches/seats.”

“A special needs swing would be great for older children who can’t fit in baby swing but still needs to be secure. “

Thank you to all those who took part and gave their feedback. The next step will be finalising the plans and getting the new equipment ordered. I will continue to work with Northampton Borough Council and Rectory Farm Residents Association to ensure the rest of playground gets the maintenance and freshening up it desperately needs. As stated before I am hopeful this work will take place this summer.

Cllr Hill