Council Agree Significant Out Of Court Settlement with Hawthorn Leisure

Below is the official statement from Northampton Borough Council regarding the Barn Owl Pub. While the full figure is yet to be disclosed the amount is significantly more than the original £30,000 offered in the original cabinet paper in 2016. Furthermore the Leader of the Borough Council has personally assured me that this money will be fully reinvested into Rectory Farm.

While I understand many residents continued anger at the pubs closure, I believe the final outcome is reasonable given the circumstances. At this point even if the Council were to have fully pursued Hawthorn Lesiure to a full court case and in turn been successful this would only have resulted in the closure of the Co-Op. The pub would have not been re-opened and our community would not have benefited from any money.

The next step will be looking at how the money is spent- I will of course consult with residents on how we think it should be best invested.

The Co-Op will remain open but Hawthorn Leisure have paid the council a significant sum of settlement money that will be reinvested into Rectory Farm.

Statement From NBC

Northampton Borough Council and Hawthorn Leisure have agreed a settlement providing for the release of a covenant affecting the former Barn Owl pub, which potentially restricted its use to that of a public house.

Hawthorn has agreed to make a substantial contribution towards a local community project in the form of a local facility for the residents of Rectory Farm, in settlement for the release of the covenant.

Cllr Tim Hadland, Council Cabinet member for regeneration, enterprise and planning, said: “This is a good result as it will mean that we can start looking at what alternative community provision might be made in that area.

“We’re pleased that both the Council and Hawthorn Leisure were able to resolve this matter amicably, rather than going through a potentially very costly legal exercise, enabling more cash to be put into the community instead of being spent on expensive legal costs.”

A spokesperson for Hawthorn Leisure said: “We’re very pleased to have been able to reach a good resolution to the dispute, especially since our financial contribution will be of benefit to local residents for years to come.

“It was always our wish to see the local residents benefit from the continuing use of a community facility following closure of the pub.”